Setting up a calendar sync can be useful in many ways, and it is easy. To get started go to "Set Up" > "Calendar Sync".

Follow the instructions on the page to start syncing your calendar. This will open a new window where you can log into your third-party calendars and grant consent to 10to8 to access them.

Once you have linked your calendars together, you will see options for to "Block Time in 10to8 from Another Calendar" and "Sync 10to8 Bookings into Another Calendar". You can manage these separately to give you complete control over what is synced.

When 10to8 syncs into an external calendar, it will create a new sub-calendar on your account, called "10to8 <Your Business Name>".

Pick what to show and what not to show in 10to8

When syncing an external calendar to 10to8 you can select whether to sync all appointment details, including names and descriptions, or whether you only want to sync busy periods, keeping the details secret.

You can configure this for each calendar individually, as shown in the screenshot above.

Picking what to sync to my external calendar

When syncing into an external calendar, you can select whether to sync all bookings from 10to8 for all staff on your account, only to sync your own bookings.

2-way sync

For bookings made in 10to8 that are synced into an external calendar, 10to8 can optionally sync any changes back again. To configure this, find the 10to8 calendar under "Block Time in 10to8 From Another Calendar".

IMPORTANT: If you set up the 2 - way sync, please be aware that deleting an appointment in your personal calendar will cause it to be cancelled in 10to8.

Set up a second calendar sync

10to8 can sync with calendars from multiple providers at the same time. This means you can have 10to8 bookings appearing in iCloud, Google Calendar and all at once. To add another provider simply follow the instructions and click the link in the Status section of the Calendar Sync page.

Once clicked the process is the same as in the initial calendar sync setup.

Find out more about Troubleshooting Calendar Sync and Printing Your Calendar.

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