10to8 is ideal for running discounts and special offers for your regular services, either to reward your existing clients for their loyalty, or to generate new business.

To set this up, follow these steps:

  1. Be sure you have set up payments via Stripe, PayPal or SagePay.
  2. Go to Set Up > Services and add a new service for your special offer that your clients can book online.
  3. For the option "Online booking" select "Privately bookable with a URL". This means that only your clients with the address will be able to book the service, giving you control.
  4. In the Public Description, describe your service and explain the terms of the offer.
  5. For Payment, select "Payment Required on Booking", and select a suitable price.
  6. Now copy the Direct Link to the Service and share with everyone you want to benefit from your discount.

To share the Direct Link to the Service, you might run an email campaign, or put the link on your website. It's entirely up to you. When bookings start rolling into your calendar, you will know that they are only from clients to whom you offered the discount.

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