Set Up Premises

To take appointments at different premises (either if you book them yourself or let your clients book with you), you'll need to add those premises in 10to8. Go to "Set Up" > "Locations" > "Premises" and click on "+ Add location". There, you can enter all details and hit "save".

Premises are set to be open 24/7 by default, meaning that only staff working hours apply (this suits most cases). However, if you wish to fine-tune specific opening hours for individual premises, you can do so on the "Set Up" > "Availability" page. 

Remove Physical Address

In order to remove your address from the booking page completely please head over to "Set Up" > "Locations" and make sure that "At business premisses" has not got a green tick next to it. If it does click on it and the tick will be removed.

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