When scheduling with new or existing leads or opportunities 10to8 will create new records, leads contacts or opportunities in Salesforce. If the contact already exists the event will be added to the existing salesforce record.

10to8 allows time saving via creating efficiencies around creating and maintaining accurate data on behalf of the rep.

Within the 10to8 Salesforce integration you can manage the following 

  • Automatically updates leads, opportunities and contacts whenever a meeting is scheduled 
  • Create events or tasks on any Salesforce object once a meeting is scheduled 
  • View upcoming and past meetings from your activities 
  • Track and measure 10to8 activities by campaign, meeting type, rep or other custom fields
  • Trigger lead promotion from booking calls based on the 10to8 service type 

Installing the integration 

Visit the 10to8 set-up tab and select Salesforce, click activate integration and authenticate your salesforce account.

The account you use must be assigned a profile that has permission to Author Apex and Modify All Data. The salesforce system admin must authenticate the integration as they have the permission levels to do so. 

Keep in mind when integrating 10to8 that each user must have the same email in both 10to8 and Salesforce for sync to work correctly. 

If any errors occur in the integration process please contact support@10to8.com for assistance.

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