When something happens that you need to know about, 10to8 will alert you with a red counter next to the Inbox in the left-bar navigation.

This might be:

  1. An incoming booking request
  2. A request to cancel or change an existing booking
  3. A message about a booking

To open the booking, click "See Booking", where you will be able to reply to the customer. Once you have replied to a message, it will disappear from the inbox, and if you do not want to reply simply click "Hide". Your customer can reply to any message sent to them by 10to8, either by email or SMS, giving you and them lots of flexibility in how you communicate.

To accept or reject a booking, cancellation or change request, click on the booking and click the right buttons in the bottom right of the screen.

These alerts help you keep on top of everything, allowing you to respond quickly to customers and provide a prompt professional service.

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