You can find your booking page supplied by 10to8 under “Online Booking” > “Booking Page”. As every business using 10to8 has a booking page, we would like to show you how you can customise yours to make it more personal.

This is how your booking page could look like: 

All the details for the booking page can be edited under “Online Booking” > “Booking Page”.

In the “Business Details” section on the page you can add your business and contact details, along with your social links. To add formatting to the business description check out our article on markdown.

Logo/Header Image

If you are on the Basic Plan or above you can also edit the logo and header image. This can be done from the “Logo and Header images” section and you will have the option to upload a new image or remove an existing one.

When uploading a new image please make sure to use the following dimensions:

  • Logo = 200 x 200 pixels
  • Header = 1200 x 200 pixels

For the logo you also get the option to fully remove it, in case you only want to show the header image. This can be done via the “Show Logo” tick box.

Multiple Booking Pages

When using 10to8 on the Bigger Business Plan or above you get the option to have more than one booking page. Each one can have different services and you can find out more on how to set this up here.

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