The time spent waiting on a customer that never shows up, and simply hoping they do, is costly. Automating messages to your customers has been shown to vastly decrease no-shows. 

With 10to8 you can send and track:

  • Reminders: sent some time before the appointment. You can send as many as you need.
  • Notifications: sent to your customers when something has happened to their appointment: a booking confirmation, a change or cancellation.

Our customers have found that setting up 2 reminders works well for reducing no-shows: 1 a week before the appointment, and another one, 1 hour before. 

By sending a reminder 1 week before, you allow the customer to make arrangements to attend, and if they can not it prompts them to let you know, so that you have time to refill the slot.

The reminder 1 hour before is a final jolt to make sure that it does not slip their mind.

Tracking communications

You might be surprised to know that the average no-show rate is 15% for appointment businesses (and in some industries a lot higher!). With 10to8, you can reduce that to less than 2%. 

10to8 gives businesses the certainty that customers receive, read and confirm their messages using check marks like WhatsApp. 

By tracking whether those messages have been received or read, you can identify who you need to chase up until you get a confirmation, completely preventing no-shows from happening.

This is where the automated customer report feature is so helpful.

You are able to reach out to them manually, in a caring and personal manner, and make sure they make it to their appointments on time or reschedule promptly so as to not throw off other appointments by last minute changes.

In short, 10to8 can help propel you forward and put you a step ahead in your business growth goals by minimising losses crucial for a thriving business, thanks to features such as a the live dashboard, automatic reminders and online booking page. It empowers you to leverage your growth, grow your customer base, and increase your customer lifetime value.

Automation has never been as easy to use and available as today to fix scheduling no-shows or last-minute cancellation problems that are easily preventable. 

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