Reminders are sent to your customers before their appointment is due to start. You can decide how far in advance you want customers to be reminded, and how many reminders should be sent. 

To edit these, go to the "Message settings" within the Messaging menu on the left-hand menu. Select a specific service and click "Edit" on the top-right corner. 

By default, 10to8 sends out reminders 1 hour before the appointment starts. Our customers have found that setting up 2 reminders works well for reducing no-shows: 1 reminder sent one week before the appointment, and another one sent 1 hour before the appointment. 

Let's walk through setting these up. (Note that changes you make will not affect bookings that were booked previously):

  • Click "Add before" to create a new reminder
  • Click up or down to adjust the number of hours/day/mins/secs the reminder should go out before the appointment
  • Decide whether this reminder will be sent by email or text. (Note: you will need to have the necessary contact details for customers for these to work!) - a blue icon means you have selected that communication channel. 
  • Click "Save" at the top of the page.

Repeat for as many reminders as you want to set up. If you want to delete a reminder, simply click on the specific reminder and click "delete" from the right corner.

Note: your customers will only be able to change or cancel the appointment directly from the text or email if you have this enabled. Go to Messaging - Message Settings- Customer preferences and change the settings for each of the services that you offer.

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