To get started, go to the "Setup" > "Services" menu.

There is no limit on the number of services that you can add. 

You can create a one-to-one service or a group booking. Here, I'll show you how to set a 1-to-1 service.

As a start, add the name of the service and decide on the following:

  • Type: Services can either be 1-to-1 or classes (group events). If a service is a 1-to-1, your clients can book it at any available time defined in your settings. However, for group bookings, you need to book the times in the calendar yourself, and only then customers will be able to register for the class.
  • Duration: Set the typical duration of this appointment type. When customers select the service, they'll be able to book appointments with the default length. When you make the booking yourself, you can override the duration.
  • Buffer/travel time: Let 10to8 automatically block time around appointments when they're booked (either by yourself or clients). It's important to have in mind that this block time will be automatically added to the total length of this service. This means that, if the service lasts 1hr and you have 15 minutes buffer time once the appointment is finished, you'll have to have available slots for 1h and 15 minutes in total. Make sure your availability and opening hours take this into account. 
  • Location: Set whether this service takes places (1) online, (2) at clients' addresses, or (3) at predefined business premises. If you need a combination of the above, you will need to contact support, who will set it up for you.
  • Color: The color the service will have on your calendar.
  • Online Booking: Choose whether clients should be able to see this service type on your public 10to8 booking page. If it's visible, you can also determine whether they should be able to book it themselves or not.
  • Public description: This description will be shown to your customers when they click on the service and before they start the booking process.
  • Payment section: Add the necessary information if you're going to allow customers to pay online in advance. 
  • Booking restrictions: Here you can define whether specific services can only take places at certain locations or can only be taken by certain staff. If you need one of these two, you need to contact support and they'll do it for you.

Once you finish setting up your new services, you can book a test appointment from your booking page to see how this works. 

If you get "no available slots" on your public calendar, make sure that the availability of your location and staff members match. Find out more about setting up your availability here

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