With 10to8, you can easily send marketing campaigns to all of your customers in one go. 

Do this to invite your customers to visit your online booking page, or to run seasonal promotions, special discounts or to announce changes related to your business.

Go to the "Messaging" > "Email Campaigns" page from the left-hand menu. From there, you can draft the message content that will be sent out. 

You can use markdown formatting to add headers, bold/italic, and links to your copy.
Here is a detailed guide on using Markdown.

For simple usage, you can use the following:

The offer ends on **September 30th**

 > The offer ends on September 30th

I will see you *next week*, not this week

> I will see you next week, not this week

The message will be sent out via email to your entire customer list in 10to8 – see an example from the screenshot below.

This is currently only available on our paid plans.

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