It's easy to run Class Bookings with multiple attendees in 10to8.

In the "Set Up" > "Services" menu, add a new Class Booking via the “Create class type” button and set the number of attendees.

For one-to-one appointments, clients can choose their preferred time from your free slots in the calendar. 

However, for class bookings, you need to book the times in the calendar yourself, and only then customers will be able to register for the class.

Once you've customized the setting for the class booking and you've decided the number of attendees, click the "Book" button at the top right corner of the service that you've just created.

The system will show you the calendar. Double click on it and choose the date, time, the staff and the location. You also can set regular weekly intervals, for instance, using the "Repeat" function.

Once you've booked all the slots for the Group Booking, clients will be able to register for the open slots on the specific days that you've created these bookings.

You will be notified of new registrations and clients will receive notifications and reminders via email & SMS just as for regular 1-to-1 appointments.

If you book class appointments on your customers behalf, then you need to to book from the booking page itself.

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