When your customers choose a service on your 10to8 booking page, they can see the remaining slots available to book. This is based on a number of criteria:

  • the staff member that can take the service
  • the availability settings
  • what service type is it
  • the service length
  • the notice period set up for your service
  • other bookings on your calendar

Check if the Service can be taken by the staff member

First, check that the staff member you're trying to book with online is set up to take the service type. You can see this on the "Set Up" > "Staff" page. For every staff member, you'll find a "Services" tab next to the "Details". There, you can see which service types can be taken by this staff member.

Check Working hours and Holidays

Make sure that your staff member and location have available times set up.
Go to the "Set Up" > "Availability" page and check the working hours for the given staff and make sure that the staff is available for the slot you want to open up.

Check One-to-One Services and Group Bookings

1-to-1s and group bookings are set up differently in 10to8. For 1-to-1 appointments, 10to8 suggests slots from your availability. For group bookings (or classes), you need to book the specific slots in your calendar first. Only then they will be available on the online booking page: Running Group Bookings

Check the Duration of the service

Under "Set Up" > "Services" you can manage your different services settings. Additionally you can also add a buffer times to your appointments.

Make sure that the length of the service fits your working hours. 

Booking notice

By default, 10to8 sets the booking notice to 24 hours. This means the latest your customers can book for instance,  a Friday 1 pm slot is on Thursday at 1 pm. On the "Set Up" > "Services" page, you can change the booking notice for each service separately.

Other bookings on your calendar

If you are already booked during any specific time, then 10to8 can not show any available slots, as we do not support for a staff member to be double booked. This also applies for appointments synced from an external calendar into 10to8.

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