10to8 isn't charging my customer

You've entered your Stripe, Paypal or SagePay details, but your clients aren't being asked to pay online. What's going on?

To fix this check that:

  1. For the service that you want to charge for, you have set a price under "Set Up" > "Services".
  2. If you have multiple services, set a price for each of them.
  3. That you have selected "Payment Optional on Booking" or "Payment Required on Booking".

My clients are getting a security error on Stripe Credit Card entry

If you are using our Embedded Booking Widget, which includes our Wordpress Plugin, Weebly or the html plugins, make sure that your website is hosted on HTTPS , and not HTTP .

Note that Stripe payments don't work if you are hosting the booking page under your own domain.

A client says they have booked with me, but I can't see the booking in 10to8

If they have paid with PayPal, there can be a delay of up to 24 hours before the booking appears in 10to8. If it's been longer than this, contact us at help@10to8.com.

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